Dragons and Humans once lived along side each peacefully and harmoniously. The dragons were charged by the gods to teach and guide the humans and in turn the humans were charged to be subservient to the dragons. The gods decreed this and saw it was just. Over time, the dragons became complacent and bored with the humans and started to mistreat their authority when the gods sent the dragon plague as punishment the dragons fought back and in their wraith actually slew the first god. The gods, who had thought themselves immortal, became frightened and withdrew from the world in retreat. As the last god left the humans realized what had happened and in turn slew the first dragon in retribution for what the dragons had done. Thus began the dragon wars.

Its been four hundred years and the dragons are all but gone. The humans have surpassed the dragons expectations and their tenacity and inventiveness has driven the dragons to their near extinction. Since then humans have dominated the world and civilization has thrived. Dragon attacks are rare, occurring perhaps once in a humans lifetime, however, they are still devastating when they occur. As far as the scholars know, a dragon has not been slain in 50 years.

None the less, the Order of Dragon Slayers remains and recruits still for its sole purpose, eradication of dragons. It is said that the order has existed since the beginning of the dragons wars. It is also said they harvest the power of the dragons they slay, which is how they are able to defeat a dragon.

Draconis Bellatorum